Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tarlac City gov’t to host 'CSGO BOOSTING' league with WASD Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – WASD Philippines, a national Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) organization, has announced that they will be hosting an eSports league in collaboration with the Tarlac City government . This development came after the organization’s heads Victor Zamora, Kenneth Saunders Jr. and Emmanuel Deang met with Tarlac City mayor Cristina Angeles last Thursday, Nov 10.
In the organization’s csgo boosting the upcoming Tarlac eSports League is said to “feature one of the largest CS:GO tournaments in the Philippines, with several of the country’s top teams fighting for a substantial prize pool.” The league’s target starting date is April 2017.
“I believe that this will be one of the first public-private partnerships in the Philippine CS scene,” WASD editor-in-chief Earl “Dreamslayer” Guevarra told Rappler. “I am hoping that it will be fruitful.”
While the competition is based in Tarlac, its scope will encompass the entire Philippines. Beginning at a barangay level, eliminations will then be held at provincial and regional areas, ending with a championship event for the top 4 teams. The champion will then be sent to represent the country in international events.
CS:GO is the latest installment in the csgo accounts popular Counter Strike first-person shooter series. One of the biggest titles in modern eSports, the game boasts 4 $1,000,000 ‘major’ events every season. Major players in traditional media have already entered the scene, such as Turner Broadcasting’s televised "ELEAGUE."
Full details and registrations are said to be announced via . For more updates on the Tarlac eSports League, stay tuned to Rappler Gaming League. - 
Justin is a 17-year-old esports journalist from the City of Love, Iloilo and is the Editor-in-Chief for Smashboards. He spends his spare time programming, practicing fighting games and working on videos. You can catch him on Twitter at @PopiSSB.


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